Conversation between @alancfrancis

  1. Alan C Francis

    So I bought an iPad for a friend. I bought it at the vending machine in Macy's. This was *not* a painless shopping experience.

  2. Alan C Francis

    First up, the touch-screen vending machine needed each tap to be done several time, at random variations of force and duration.

  3. Alan C Francis

    Evenutually, I had a basket. While thumping the unresposponsive screen to get to the checkout, it offered to clear my basket,

  4. Alan C Francis

    It ignored my pleas and went ahead, so I started again. Eventually I could put in my card,and was asked for a zip ...

  5. Alan C Francis

    … code with a numeric-only keypad. My 'zip' code is KY11 1DR. Gave up and went to register to see if I could pay there.

  6. Alan C Francis

    I was told no, but I could buy a Macy's gift card for the exact amount, and use that to pay. Cue second painful trip to machine to build...

  7. Alan C Francis

    … basket to get the right amount. Card declined on the purchase of the gift card and two length phone calls with my bank ensue...

  8. Alan C Francis

    … to assure them it was me. FInally, gift card acquired, Back to machine to painfully build basket. Elect to pay by gift card.

  9. Alan C Francis

    Gift card has a barcode which must be scanned, and cannot be typed in. 5 mins of scanning attempts while basket is helpfully cleared again.

  10. Alan C Francis

    Total purchase time - 32 minutes + the walk to/from G Street. I'd have been quicker getting the train to Clarendon.